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Fear, at its core level, is just energy. It is just energy. It has been assumed to be bad energy. Fear is such an overlay right now that it literally stops people in their tracks. It causes them to do things they would not normally do. Fear is this, well, just feel the energy of fear for a moment. Fear is the demon. Fear is the destroyer. Fear is the darkness and the unknown, at least in the concept or the overlays that you have right now. But when you really feel into it, fear is just energy. That is all it is. That is all it is. If you allow yourself to move into fear... move right into the energy of it... when you get in there, and, as the late great president said, there is nothing to fear other than the fear itself... when you allow yourself to go right into the energy of fear, you find out that there is nothing to fear in it. It is just energy of transmutation and change. Just energy that is there available for you if you need or want to use it.