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Inter-Personal Relationships ClarifiedShifting Psychic & Physical Abuse There is no-one who has not had some experience with abuse of any kind. There is not a human on earth who has not b... Read more ...

Abundance comes when you sit with yourself, when you acknowledge your divinity, when you open up and realize that everything is complete in the moment. When you stay in the moment, it is filled with abundance. Right now, in this moment you sit in, having released the issues of yesterday and the worries of tomorrow, the moment you sit in is complete. Allow yourself to feel it, in this moment that you sit in. It is not about what happened in the past, or what will happen tomorrow, or worrying about that stack of bills or worrying about anything else or screaming to us for answers but rather sitting in this Divine Moment. It IS filled with abundance and healing and wisdom and love. All things are appropriate, all things are balanced, all things are in the Now.