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You say, Well, I’m breathing and nothing’s happening. Well, it is happening. It is right there, but you just have not allowed yourself to see it. And it is happening. It is shaking the crap out of your life, which is kind of what you wanted. And it is a direct effect, which we will talk about in a moment. But how do you it? Integration. Absolute integration. It is about integrating Spirit into this present moment. It is about inviting Spirit in from your heart, through your breath, through just stopping for a moment, just taking that pause and letting Spirit, letting you, be present in your life, not in the past, not in the future, not at some other time, without doubt. Without doubt. There is still that mechanism, that hypnotized mechanism within you, that says you have to doubt everything. You have to analyze it, kind of a like a virus software on your computer, I have to check everything. No you don’t. And you say, Well, yeah, what if I do something stupid? Who’s to judge it is stupid?
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