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The ego is not a bad thing. Ego actually derives from the term I go. I expand, I experience. But along the way ego was made into a bad word, but actually it is great to have a lot of ego. You think of ego in negative terms like somebody being egotistical, full of themselves, self-centered. And there is a line, a fine line, but it is a line, there is a difference between absolutely self-centered where you’re feeding or stealing energy from other people and being self-aware and self-filled, meaning you do not need to steal energy from anybody. You are so aware of yourself and so damn in love with yourself, you do not need to steal. You do not need to make excuses for yourself. You do not have any doubt about yourself, so you can express openly and joyfully. You don’t need to hold back. That ego is a beautiful thing. It is the expression of the I Am.
Adamus St. Germain