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The darkness is not what it appears to be and neither is the light. These are values, these are judgments that have been placed on the energies, the darkness having taken on all of the negative attributes, all of the things that you did not want, all of the things you are afraid to look at. All of the fears were all put and burdened onto the darkness. If you were to clear all of these negative energies and perceptions away, you would find that the dark is not what you think it is. The negative is not what you think it is at all. It has beauty. It has depth. It is the reflection. It is part of the Creator energy. The dark wants resolution. It wants to be released from this role and task that it has been given. The light and the dark want to come back into a type of marriage and a type of reunion together and create their own offspring, so to speak. They want resolution. Every part of your being wants resolution.