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Intuitive, Empowerment & Life Coach, Teacher

Petra Webstein - Intuitive, Empowerment & Life Coach, Teacher

Petra Webstein born in Switzerland is a foremost spiritual teacher, a pioneer in the field of self-development and an outstanding supporter for people who are looking for a breakthrough in their life.

She has dedicated her life to knowing the self and has practised self development disciplines since 1983. She was one of the first ones using the Bachflowers in Switzerland in 1983 for herself and as a supporting tool in therapy and empowerment sessions with others.

She has taught Reiki, Bachflower, Sexual Energy School, Aspectology and Energy & Body Awareness as well as her own workshops to people all over the world as a true new energy pioneer.

Her intuitive, inquisitive and inventive nature called her to travel the world with her 6 year old daughter in order to expand and possibly find a new home land. Even though they returned to Switzerland she had lost her heart to the land "down under" Australia. As a true creator she followed her passion and migrated to Australia in 1996.

A new land, fascinating possibilities to explore new dimensions and enjoy the vast space of Australia began to stir her interest. Petra Webstein made the decision to sell all she owned to embark once more on a journey taking just herself and her trusted vehicle lovingly called "Mr. Diesel" to the Australian remote outback. Her heart called her to the Kimberleys, she did not know why, she did not know much about it but followed her inner call, just to find another connection that was truly alive in her, the connection with the Australian aboriginal spirit realm. She spent time alone in the Australian bush, emerging in this experience. She travelled all over Australia, studied and discovered new horizons.

Eventually Petra Webstein returned to Western Australia to emerge herself into yet another subject that was close to her heart and that she knew would hold some more keys for herself and her teachings - the horses. Her passion for horses lead her on another path of discovery where she discovered that horses offer a platform to people to make invisible energies tangible. Horses have the ability to reflect the energy of a human and offer an opportunity for growth and healing. 

Petra has made the teachings her own, developing her own vision thus creating a new path for people to walk if they so choose. Her gift to the world is her compassion and her talent to truly listen and provide the space for people to expand and thrive.

Her support is truly tangible and she is regarded as the "grand mother" - the wise, patient and open being people are looking for today. During the session she has the gift to

  • take people "home"
  • lead them off their paths of darkness and depression
  • show them their light within themselves, their new potentials
  • teach them to follow their own light, learning to trust their own spirit

Her own life journey revealed to her how much of a creator a person can be. The revelations of near death experiences and making choices in that moment truly set her up for a deep very compassionate understanding. She works with her divine spirit when moving energy in a session and channels this spirit, voicing messages for the person attending the session.

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Petra Webstein - Expertise and Studies

  1. Mastering Alchemy Graduate (2013 - ongoing)

    Mastering Achemy is designed and taught with the help and guidance of the Archangels, Ascended Masters and Teachers of Light. Your intention is to broaden your understanding, awareness, and ability to use the new energy tools to build your Light Body. Alchemy is much more than the concept of turning lead into gold. Alchemy is a path that allows you to move from your three-dimensional experience to a higher, more encompassing awareness of life.
  2. Founder of Dancing with my Horses (2012)

    Petra Webstein's explorations into the mystical world of horses
  3. Crimson Circle Certified Teacher (2011) for Sexual Energy School

    Sexual Energy School is the science of abuse of energy. It focuses on physical, psychological, psychological and sexual abuse and is suitable for anyone whose life is affected by abuse; those who want to end the abuse in their lives and anyone who wants to understand interpersonal energy dynamics from a new energy perspective.
  4. Crimson Circle Certified Teacher (2010) for Aspectology

    Aspectology is a new way of looking at people. Unlike traditional psychology, which assumes that something is wrong with you (or needs to be treated medically), Aspectology assumes that you are complete at your core, no matter how challenging your current difficulties are. Aspects are expressions of yourself originally intended to serve you.
  5. Dreamwalker Death Facilitator

    DreamWalker Death is an ancient spiritual process that has its roots in many indigenous traditions to honor death as a sacred journey for the individual and, ultimately, the family and community as a whole. The Dreamwalker Guide offers the dying person constant spiritual guidance in their transition from their physical body to their heavenly home.
  6. EFT Practitioner (2001)

  7. Reiki Master (European Certification 1992)

  8. Bach Flower Essences (1983)

Petra Webstein - Spoken Languages: German, English

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Petra Webstein

Creator - Mentor - Teacher

All is well in all of Creation - Petra Webstein
" You can choose your experience by learning the skills or tools to create conciously. "
Petra Webstein

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