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Release the Magic of your Soul

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Nothing is as powerful as a deeply felt experience!

Petra Webstein invites you to this special two days workshop.

This workshop will let you experience that you are capable to change situations in your life in a miraculously easy way that has not been accessible to you so far.

It will show you that you can create more space for yourself without pushing and shoving others around, allowing you to make better decisions for and by yourself.

It will teach you how you can release stress, fear, grief and anxiety and rest deeper within yourself, enjoying life more and feeling more certain about steps you take.

This workshop is structured to transform you from the inside out, moving you from a place of conditioned responses to a place of expanded awareness where discernment, consideration and choice become a way of life.

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PS: Due to the Corona Virus circumstances this course will not be held again until further notice.

Online Study Group


For Students who have attended the "Release the Magic of your Soul" workshop previously

and wish to further their studies and development and desire to find support and understanding in a group of people who travel the same path.

This is a monthly workshop conducted online.

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8 Weeks Online Self-help Course

Merkaba Rose

Petra Webstein is creating an 8-week online self-study course that teaches you 8 simple tools to help you get in touch with your feelings and emotions and show you how to integrate them effectively so that YOU and not your emotions are your life Life.

This self-study course leads you step by step through a wondrous, gentle transformation. Areas of your life where you feel trapped, e.g. in partnerships, at work or simply in oneself, they start to open and flow. You will discover that you are the creator of your life.

These tools are so versatile that only your imagination sets your limits. The only question is: are you ready for it? You will be amazed at the changes that unfold before your eyes.

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All is well in all of Creation - Petra Webstein
" There is strength in muscles, but power in softness. "
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