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Alchemy and how to create heaven on earth

And the apple in the hand appears

Alchemy is not magic, but it can produce wonderful and magical results. When you are attuned, alchemy is the universal wisdom that helps mental creations to become tangible reality. It is the science of spirituality. It is the dance that weaves universal elements in conscious form. Alchemy is the ability to turn one possibility into another.

To first accept it and then to understand that all things are possible makes it possible to be able to consciously transform one possibility into another. By learning how easy it is to turn thoughts, feelings, and beliefs from one vibration to another, you begin to understand how to create and effortlessly maintain well-being, abundance, and joy. Difficult? No! Easy? It's actually a lot easier than you might think.

Well, what is alchemy? It is easiest to define it as the transformation of a thought-frequency, as a change in the vibration of matter, and as the application of the elements of love to achieve a desired result. Let's start with something simple. For example, if you want to drink water, it is convenient to have a container to store the water. Similarly, you need a container to hold the wisdom of alchemy for your creations. The aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds you, but it has lost its structure or definition. It's like water without a container. By modifying your thought patterns and restructuring the vibrations of your aura to form consecrated geometry fields (such as octahedron, tetrahedron, or cube), this container is created. Depending on your level of consciousness, each of these centuries-old mathematical geometric shapes is oriented toward a particular higher-dimensional core of wisdom. The geometry becomes the antenna, a transmitter and receiver.

Without structure and focus, the aura is like a radio that can not find a radio station.
By creating a specially tuned transmitter and receiver, you start setting this Personal Energy field to your own frequency. This allows you to disable incoherent frequencies that are constantly flowing through your body. These disturbing frequencies are not yours and have nothing to do with your purpose. Many of them are bad at who you are, but they have such a strong magnetic charge that they hide your knowledge of your purpose.

Once this geometric container is established, fascinating new ones emerge occasionally. As you learn to increase the speed with which the geometric field spins, you begin to rise above the dramas of life, the noise, and the distractions. This creates the opportunity to realign the antenna to a purpose and perhaps the chance to be happy, passionate and enthusiastic.

To take this next step, it is possible to increase the rotation of the field so that it reaches almost the speed of light. In this faster vibration, the spectrum of reception widens and becoming aware of and accessing many levels of consciousness of the higher dimensions becomes possible. This is similar to increasing the quality of your radio to be able to hear and enjoy a wider range of music. Sounds difficult? Is not it! Again, it's easier than you might think. All that is needed is the intention and the desire to know yourself and the source of creation.

This Personal Forcefield contains the wisdom of alchemy. It contains everything you need to turn the lead of ignorance into the gold of personal awareness. By fine tuning this geometric field or antenna, you will eliminate the loud and incoherent frequencies of events and people around you and begin to recognize yourself. This finely tuned orientation brings a new quiet focus. You start to remember and rewire in a way that was unavailable for many ages, allowing you to remember the abundance and wisdom of getting and reliving it as you already have from the higher ones Know dimensions.

This is when the magic results begin. From this new, higher, faster perspective, you will find that time is in a very different form. There is no past or future, there is only the now. In this now, also called simultaneous time, all experiences are present in the same place at the same time. In this simultaneous now, all answers to any question are already available before you have to do anything or answer the question. Imagine! If you knew all the answers and knew what would happen in every situation before you had to do something, why would you ever choose an experience that is unpleasant? With total choice, you would choose the alternative that most suits your needs and then perform them to create the reality you desire.

From this higher, faster, stabilized form of consciousness, you will realize that many of the concepts, beliefs, and truths held in a lower consciousness are no longer accurate or helpful from a higher perspective. You now have the opportunity to make new decisions. You can choose to play the game the way you've always played or you can go on a bigger platform of certainty, seniority, personal power, luck, leadership and grace. On this platform, your palette has many more colors to choose from. The picture you paint with this palette is much bigger and more alive. By simply constructing a sentence differently or choosing a different tone, you can create experiences with completely different results. By changing the frequency of thoughts and the vibrations of matter, using the elements of love, you can create the results of your dreams.

If that sounds like wishful thinking or fantasy, that's not it. It's just a door that was hidden behind the noise of the game, the back and forth, the right or wrong, good and bad of the third dimension. It is a door that leads to merging with the soul, a walk with the archangels that allows you to learn to create with the Great Rays of Creation and much, much more.

It's time to wake up and become a resident of higher dimensions. As the veils of ignorance and forgetfulness are dissolved, many teachers, leaders and healers awaken. And when you wake up, it's a chance for you to wake up the others who are being touched. Alchemy is your natural state of wisdom. Mastering alchemy is your means of creating heaven on earth.

Read more about this in the Book: A course in Mastering Alchemy written by Jim Self & Roxanne Burnett

Petra Webstein

Creator - Mentor - Teacher

All is well in all of Creation - Petra Webstein
" Alchemy is the natural state of wisdom. Mastering Alchemy is a tool to create heaven on earth. "
Jim Self

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