All is well in all of Creation

Doubt, self-judgment and the embodied enlightenment


We are all experts in letting go of what has shaped our human experience. We have let go of identities, ancestors, health, relationships, mass consciousness and even our fear of death. How many times have we thought: Surely there is nothing left to let go now?

Permission is the opposite of the doubt. If we allow everything without control, the doubt can not exist. On the other hand, if we hold on to doubts, we do not really allow. If allowing can be compared to the accelerator pedal of our embodied enlightenment experience, then doubt is the brake.

The question one should perhaps ask yourself here is: how does doubt serve me, and why do I like it so much? The answer can be painfully obvious to many. In the past, after following our hearts and not doubting ourselves, we have had unpleasant experiences. Hence the negative reinforcement of associating self-confidence with pain, which led to an addiction to self-doubt.

But then our Master Self, quite nonchalantly, announces that perhaps avoiding pain was never the point. Man would think, "How can I get my mind to combine self-confidence with positive experiences?" But, unfortunately, the Master has no tolerance for conditioning of any kind. The Master is not afraid to be human and to experience the occasional pain that accompanies it.

Following our heart led to these heartbreaking experiences. We have had life-threatening, depressing, embarrassing and guilty experiences that have served us perfectly, for our soul purpose has been / is to realize our enlightenment in this life. In a typically human way, we have assumed that following my heart would lead to a happy, easy life. My chosen destiny, chosen by the soul, is to allow my human and divine being to be here on this earth, to be together and to be aware of each other - even if that means passing through something temporarily unpleasant experiences. The human is really funny: He thinks, "Okay, I trust fully, but only if I have a guarantee that my life will be happy and I am free, rich and healthy."

But even the human has to admit that self-confidence is either unconditional or not real trust. If so, there is only one question left: is the embodied enlightenment important enough to risk everything - even failure?

Petra Webstein

Creator - Mentor - Teacher

All is well in all of Creation - Petra Webstein
" The purpose for creation is simply joy. "
St. Germain

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