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Empathy - blessing or curse


What is empathy really and how does empathy work?

There are many people who do not understand what empathy is and how it works. Let us explain this with a small example.

Empathy is part of the second chakra. There is something in this second chakra that works like a radar. It emits impulses, which then bounce off and then come back.

The question that is sent out in this pulse is: What is that feeling?

The answer that comes back then is: angry, sad, glad, mad, happy... etc.

Often, the person is growing up in a difficult situation, be it at school or at home. The child is in an environment where much screaming was going on, where there was a lot of anger and emotions. In many cases, they are also the recipients of blame.

The next thing that happens is the following. The question on the outgoing pulse changes from ...

What is that feeling?    to    What is that feeling about me?

How fundamentally everything changes here with the little two words in the appendix!

Do not you also know people where you are always careful how and when you say or do something, so you do not take it personally? And yet it usually fails. Why? That's why the two words "about me" have been added to the natural process of the second chakra.

People also suffer a lot from it themselves, but they usually do not understand that this is the case.

How can you change that? There are some interesting, simple & powerful exercises that will help you to overcome this barrier. I invite you to come to my workshop. We learn how to handle this elegantly.

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Petra Webstein

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All is well in all of Creation - Petra Webstein
" Alchemy is the natural state of wisdom. Mastering Alchemy is a tool to create heaven on earth. "
Jim Self

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