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How does gratitude feel to you? Yes, take a moment and feel gratitude, right now. Continue reading after you have done that.

Well, how well have you managed to just feel the feeling of gratitude? The feeling of being right in your body? To feel the warmth, the happiness and the well-being of this feeling? A real fountain of youth for body, mind and soul.

It probably happened to you, as happens to so many of us. The feeling came up for a moment and then was overshadowed by other emotions such as being guilty of something. And already this has swept away the feeling of blissful gratitude.

Let's take a look at that?

Gratitude and obligation

How many times have we heard as children, you must be grateful, or thankful to someone. Well, there was always an expectation attached. Gratitude was always linked to a person or thing and you had to pay homage to gratitude. So there was always some kind of dependency and it never felt really good.

Many people today prefer to accept nothing more than that they allow the feeling of gratitude, which then automatically brings them into a position of I owe something. People are often very lonely today, they have chosen this way, because the loneliness is better to endure than the thought that you owe something to someone that you may not even be able to pay back.

How can we really solve this dilemma in ourselves? We all long for a certain kind of closeness.

Have you already experienced that you want to do something for someone's sake and we really assume that you expect nothing from your deed? What feeling do you get when you offer something that is always rejected?

  • I can not please the person
  • I know what this person would do so well now
  • Does this person avoid me?
  • What am I doing wrong that nothing is accepted?
  • Etc


  • You just go on your way with the same smile on your face that you had before, carefree and free.

Well, where is your answer? Well, as long as we find the answer in the upper group, we are still bound to the link of gratitude and obligation, but from the side of the giver.

If you feel like it, just practice a little to give something (no matter if it's accepted or not) and then feel what it does to you. No matter what it does, with time you will find a smile in giving and that is also the moment when you slowly become able to accept something and bathe in the feeling of gratitude for the moment without attachments.

Have lots of fun with it!

Petra Webstein

Creator - Mentor - Teacher

All is well in all of Creation - Petra Webstein
" Indifference is the strongest force in the Universe. It makes everything it touches meaningless. Love and hate don't stand a chance against it. "
Joan D. Vinge

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