All is well in all of Creation

Today I feel myself!

Colourful stones

Much can be said about the special times we are living in right now. A lot of information is entering our space and while each snippet might have a truth to it, ultimately we have to ask ourselves "What can I do about it?"

For me it comes down to choice and how I choose in each moment. In the beginning it might not be an easy exercise because new information enters our space and demands our attention leaving us in feeling of needing to react, respond and fight.

And how does that feel to you? It is uplifting, nurturing and inspiring to you or does it pull you down, making you frustrated and vulnerable?

So here is my question: "How do you choose and line up with your well being?" What do you pay attention to?

For a little inspiration for your day today, I would like to take you back into your childhood and offer you a little suggestion:


Take a look at our planet and feel into the nature around you. It has life, it breathes, it grows, it is present in every moment.

Romp and Play 

Our human nature loves us to be outside. So, go play. Run around, get dirty, roll around the grass and explore the ‘feeling’ of the Earth. You’ll find a comforting connection that makes you feel more at peace with the planet.


Create something beautiful. Plant a tree, a flower, or nurture it in some way. Rearrange some pebbles or stones into a little art piece and leave it in nature. This is your physical gift to the Earth and it’ll fill you with so much joy.


Don’t just walk, take off your shoes and walk barefoot in nature. Feel the grass between your toes, feel the wetness of the ground, the grittiness of the dirt. Allow yourself to feel it all with curiosity, a giggle and a sense of adventure and experience inner peace as your reward.

Wishing you a happy, fulfilling & uplifting day today.

Petra Webstein

Creator - Mentor - Teacher

All is well in all of Creation - Petra Webstein
" Indifference is the strongest force in the Universe. It makes everything it touches meaningless. Love and hate don't stand a chance against it. "
Joan D. Vinge

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