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Ways to enjoy the chance

Ways to enjoy the change

There is currently a change, a shift in progress, that affects every aspect of our reality in the third dimension. This change is so far-reaching that our limited imagination does not even begin to grasp the transition and change we are in at the moment. This change affects every aspect of life on our planet; political, social and economic structures, the environment, all institutions, the wars, how we see our relationships with others, our work, every thought we think and every feeling we feel. It changes time, our memory, our DNA, the wiring of our physical and emotional body, our beliefs, our perception of good and bad, right and wrong, and above all, our awareness of what's possible.

The change consists of enormous waves of light, which contain large amounts of information and instructions. These waves rewire our DNA and update the physical, emotional, and mental systems of our body. These waves of light activate the chakras of the fourth and fifth dimensions and bring us into line with a higher consciousness. This change provides a new understanding of how we can once again live in harmony with others, the environment and all that is there. However, a transition is needed from what is now to this new "heaven on earth".

The transition

This transition, exciting and wonderful, makes many problems. The tempo has increased and these problems are arising as we continue to hold our three-dimensional beliefs and habits to the truth. We want to continue to be right, to judge others for their actions, or to try to put others in order because "we know better." These actions belong in the third dimension and we must let them go, as long as we maintain our limitations the effects of change in our physical and emotional bodies, these effects are also known as ascension symptoms.

Symptoms such as Dizziness, confusion, blurring, headaches, tiredness, digestive problems, anxiety, etc .. It may be that you feel like time is passing faster. There is always more to do and less and less time is available. Sometimes there are blackouts (no, that's not Alzheimer's). Things that used to be very important are not anymore. Most of us experience a heightened sense of absent-mindedness along with a feeling that something just is not right.

As we fight for our limitations and cling to old beliefs that no longer support us, we create a resistance or a blockage in our four-body system, and so we create these grievances. The three-dimensional reality, as we have known, shifts. It will be much funnier, more focused, and more balanced to go into a higher consciousness. Humanity is awakening and while doing so, the old structures that have supported duality and separateness and have controlled the masses with the help of fear break apart.

As this new light finds its way into all corners of the darkness, those who live in darkness start to shy, react, and become very loud. They will shout loudest to maintain the status quo. They create an imbalance, wars, economic failures and many other distractions to prevent the change. For a short while they will become very loud and try to spread fear and terror in their attempt to avoid the change. As this new light flows into all of us, we receive new information, opportunities, and choices that have not been available to us in the past. These new choices now allow each of us to take steps out of fear, distraction, and seclusion. Through grounding, the harmonization of energy fields, and the stabilization of the focus point and field of vision, it is possible for the bodies to be unscathed, successful, and successful to get happy.


Grounding is something that almost everyone has considered before. Only grounding is not thought, it is action, a tool to dispel uninvited thoughts, anxiety, and unwanted emotions flowing through our body. Close your eyes and imagine a ray of light, an energy beam, a tree trunk, a tube or a chain. Just imagine it. Then connect one end to the lower end point of your spine, the first chakra. Feel the connection, make it real. Then let the other end of the line go to the center of the earth. The center of the earth is not far away. See how the energy line connects powerfully to the center of the earth. In your imagination, pull on both ends and feel the connection. Now extend the connection by about eight inches in diameter and give the command that the connection activates and magnetizes. Breathe in and notice how you relax. The command to activate allows the grounding line, which is a natural part of your body's operating system, to have thoughts and feelings that are not yours but that constantly influence you, let go. These thoughts and emotions flow through an unprotected field of energy and stimulate emotions and create reactions and discomfort. Interestingly, most of the thoughts you think about belong to your environment and have very little or nothing to do with you. Only once they are in your area, they create distraction, they distort impressions and determine your life. Grounding minimizes this noise.

The octahedron

There are some energy fields around you, one of which you know as an aura. The aura gathers, preserves, and lays down every thought, word, and action that takes place in you, through you, or around you. In other words, it contains a great amount of information that has very little to do with you. This energy field is also an antenna. If you can control this antenna, you can also control what attracts this antenna. The construction of this antenna around you creates a powerful energy field associated with the information of the change and your internal control system. In Sacred Geometry, there are five forms with special properties known as Platonic solids. One of them is the octahedron. The octahedron is two quadrilateral pyramids, one pointing down, the other up.

Find a place about half a meter away from you and place a dot in your mind. Place another point about half a meter directly behind you and then two more points, about half a meter to the right of you, the other about half a meter to your left. Then another point about half a meter above your head and another about half a meter under your feet. In total, that's six points. This is a practical and not a spiritual exercise. Imagine and feel each of these points. Draw four lines from the point above your head to the points around you. Then connect these four points around you with a line, resulting in a pyramid. See her, feel this pyramid around you. Then draw four lines from the point below you to the points around you. This creates a feeling of encapsulation. This encapsulation is not a wall or a defense system; it is a safe vehicle that allows you to move without being affected by the noise. It is also an antenna focused on the light, and during the change, boundless intelligence is transmitted through it. The octahedron creates an alignment with everything you are and filters out things that you are not.

Experience these tools and play with them. Even if they seem simple, they will change your conscious reality and allow you to enjoy the change.

Petra Webstein

Creator - Mentor - Teacher

All is well in all of Creation - Petra Webstein
" No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. "
Eleanor Roosevelt

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