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Your Personal Powerfield

Have you ever consciously noticed how your or somebody else's personal powerfield feels or looks like?

In recent times  more and more people are not finding answers to their questions through mainstream knowledge anymore and are looking into spirituality, religion and metaphysics to satisfy their minds. We would like to offer one perspective that can significantly contribute to your well being.

Here is why we say to you, you are BIG, SIGNIFICANT & IMPORTANT, it has to do with your personal powerfield.

How a common powerfield looks like

A frazzled personal power field

If you just sit back for a moment, close your eyes and think about / feel into yourself (or it might work better if you choose a person that you know and do not have a too emotional connection to) and try to ascertain how this persons energy field feels and looks like. What feeling or image would you come up with?

For me, a lot of these energy fields look like the image to the left. There is a feeling of assertiveness, unbalancedness &  unrest.

Most of all, the person is mostly focussed outside himself, having attention points going into all directions. His awareness does not rest within himself and extends from his core but jumps to wherever his attention point goes.

This leaves a person suspectible to influences from the outside and frazzled. 

This image can chance drastically according to the emotional state of a person. However there is a default image that a person returns to when he / she is not particularly challenged in their life.

How a conscious & aware powerfield looks like

Looking at this image to the right, it emanates a completely different feeling.

The person in this image feels strong, stable and aware of himself and his environment. There are no edges, no spikes and also no dips, the energy is consistent and creates a coherent energy field.

There is a presence, a graciousness and a focus. 

This field of light creates a container that easily holds a space for the body, mind and soul to thrive.This space allows you to evaluate and discern incoming information and choose what is beneficial to yourself.

True self government and sovereignty is possible.


Personal Power Field

How can I build such a powerfield?

The first step is to become aware of your own energy field. Noticing how it fluctuates with the events of your day.

The "frazzled" powerfield

A frazzled personal powerfield

Just looking at these two images, feeling into yourself, will give you an indication of where you are.

When you are looking at the "frazzled" powerfield you see the spikes of energy and in between these spikes there are gaps. Through this gaps you will be affected by events and things that surround you, they will deeply penetrate into your energy field and influence your state of being.

The spikes in itself are not able to hold a consistent, congruent & coherent energy field for you. The spikes are often generated in order to impose, defend or advance. It takes a lot of energy and it is often perceived as agressive or assertive by others.

The "unified" powerfield

Personal Power Field

The second step would be to engage tools and skills to

  • Clear out the gaps in the energy field
  • Establish a coherent energy field

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